New Years Resolutions

1. Remember- where I've been, what has happened, the causes, the effects, the good, the bad, the ugly, just remembering what that has done to shape me into who I am

2. Reconnect- I realize that there have been a lot of people that I used to be good friends with who I need to rebuild relationships with. That started today and it was really nice.

3. Refocus- Too often I become distracted and only see the things of this world and forget that I'm meant for another. I want to keep my head up, stead fast, unshaken, moving forward to further His Kingdom

4. Strengthen- If iron sharpens iron, the same should be said about Christians. If I want to grow, it will be done in a body of believers, not by myself.

5. Fight- for my friends, for my brothers and sisters in Christ, for my youth group, for THE Church. I've been standing idly by for too long.

Now the boring ones:
-Read more books
-See old friends
-Write a movie script
-Climb Lookout Mt and Signal Mt
-Go to the Aquarium
-Go to the Dinner Mystery Theater
-Take more risks (not dumb ones like jumping off buildings)