I'm a Junior?

i am.
this is kinda weird.
and i got a car now.
that's even weirder.
headed home tomorrow.
back to work at 9fruits on saturday.
summer is here.
and i'm not done with it until august 23.


looking back

I'm putting together the final set list for The House of my sophomore year
Who would have thought that age 19 I would have been in charge of something this important
Really it's beyond me how I made it here
Couldn't tell you how or why or any of this and how it came to be but I'm here
And I'm eternally grateful
Like for real
I don't deserve any of it
But I've been given this opportunity to play music and lead others in worship
I screw up daily just like everyone else
But when it comes down to it I have Tuesday nights
These nights I just forget all the crap that Satan tries to wear me down with
I got a guitar
My voice
A top notch band that could play with any body
And I just worship
It took me awhile to get to that point
But I think I'm there
Joe pointed it out to me last Tuesday that my countenance on stage had changed
And honestly I just realized how nothing else matters
Joel Houston says, "I kinda feel like I don't know anything except the one thing. If we can just understand the one thing then maybe that's all that we need to do..."
I think I fully understand this finally

I can't wait till Tuesday...


stressful days ahead?

paper today
paper tomorrow
paper monday
workbook fridays
exams two weeks out

nope. still not stressed yet.

today was really cool. myself, daniel, justin, rapp, and mark all did homework on the second floor (only one with fully functioning AC and new bed [couch] until it is fixed) and listened to hours of Sigur Ros. pretty much a balling evening.

life is gettin pretty good. and it is all in the little things