looking back

I'm putting together the final set list for The House of my sophomore year
Who would have thought that age 19 I would have been in charge of something this important
Really it's beyond me how I made it here
Couldn't tell you how or why or any of this and how it came to be but I'm here
And I'm eternally grateful
Like for real
I don't deserve any of it
But I've been given this opportunity to play music and lead others in worship
I screw up daily just like everyone else
But when it comes down to it I have Tuesday nights
These nights I just forget all the crap that Satan tries to wear me down with
I got a guitar
My voice
A top notch band that could play with any body
And I just worship
It took me awhile to get to that point
But I think I'm there
Joe pointed it out to me last Tuesday that my countenance on stage had changed
And honestly I just realized how nothing else matters
Joel Houston says, "I kinda feel like I don't know anything except the one thing. If we can just understand the one thing then maybe that's all that we need to do..."
I think I fully understand this finally

I can't wait till Tuesday...


Anonymous said...
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Kacie Drake said...

Zack! I love that God put you in charge of worship! It's so awesome!!
Can't wait to see how you are used through worship next year as well!