I'm now a night owl

and i blame it whole heartedly on coffee
its been four weeks to the day that i started drinking coffee and i just haven't stopped
and it probably doesn't help that i tend to make coffee at about midnight

welcome to my new life

these have been probably the craziest two months i've had in a long time
lots of bass playing, lots of dodgeball, lots of thinking
i've never done so much thinking in all my life
one day i think one thing and the next it is completely different
but i wouldn't have it any other way
and tonight is another thinking night
but this isn't the life altering thinking times
this is more reflective

i've been so many different places this past few months
high points, low points, indifferent points, all of them
and honestly i would have been the most bi-polar man alive had it not been for my friends
those keeping me sane
those giving my advice
those showing me a direction
those sliding with me on a field full of mud just for the heck of it
those being the church

those showing me what it is to live and love and be a friend
not caring for your own selfish desires and at any moment drop what you are doing and find a way to serve them
its been a humbling experience and i'm thankful for every moment i have here and every conversation that comes out of this time here

so now it's 1:30 in the morning

and i'm debating whether or not to start another pot of coffee...

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